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we are all ants

Our cast of journalists travel across the US in search of stories, looking for ways to cope with the heaviness of life by listening to diverse groups of people. They converse amongst themselves after interviews, analyzing the content, just like we all do at home with our family and friends. They build relationships with each other and the people they meet. They are authentic and relatable, not shying away from their beliefs. They want to find solutions to issues that are just being reported on and not actually dealt with. We Are All Ants is a chance for millennials to change the way our society tells stories.

we are looking for you

We can’t continue to sit in studios and hope to save this sinking ship, we need to go on an adventure, find ourselves, discover the heart and soul of this country, and share it with next generations. If you want to be a journalist for We Are All Ants, or creatively contribute to this platform, get in touch with us. All ants are welcome. We want you to help us change journalism for the future. Come along for the ride.

ants gatherings

We brought together a group of people with diverse life stories (the majority we previously interviewed as individuals) for a wide-ranging discussion on mental health that moved everyone to feel inspired. Although these people came from different backgrounds, their stories have a common thread, illuminating similarities in humanity. People left this discussion with a collective recognition of the importance of gathering like we used to, craving more. We imagine these gatherings to be held in cities and small, unheard towns across the country. Everyone from A-list celebrities to local high school custodians will find themselves on stage and in the audience, having conversations, to show that we are all ants sharing in this delightfully strange human experience.

ants gathering discussion

the journalist’s journal

Every journalist keeps a notebook that provides an in-depth aspect of the journalism process. We believe that it is important to show our audience the inner workings of the journalist’s mind so that a greater level of intimacy is created between journalist and viewer. We Are All Ants challenges standards upheld in news media by using the personal notebook of our cast of journalists as a tool to re-examine objectivity. We believe that having reporters actively share their diaries, we can help increase the level of transparency in journalism.

art that aims

Art that Aims is our method of integrating art as a way to understand what is occurring in American culture, politics and life. We believe that art and the artist’s perspective deserves a place in journalism. We repost and publish artwork from around the world on our Instagram page and encourage followers to use the social platform proactively, to create art and language that engages themselves, their community and culture.  Historically, artists have provided creative interpretations of culture. Art that Aims is our way of bridging art into the journalistic process for today.

Adam Friedman

“But the last couple years have been pretty hard and regressive.  Not just in our country, but globally. We’re seeing rises in conservatism, nationalism, and the expression of hatred that I haven’t witnessed (at least on a global level) in my lifetime. Once again, as a white male… I don’t experience it with the same regularity as most of the population. But I began thinking more and more about the United States and Romanticism in relation to the American West. Our own histories of greed, violence and oppression juxtaposed against these fantastical stories we’ve created around who we are and where we come from.”

Alexander Gumbnam

“Suffering from mental illness is not talked about enough in our society, nor is it truly understood. As an individual who lives with depression, explaining it could be difficult. Not wanting to leave your bed most days, not wanting to be around other people, even your closest friends. The list goes on.”

Courtney Barrows